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This Offer Has NEVER Been Available ANYWHERE.. But After My Student Copied It & Made Over 6 Figures With It.. I wanted To Make It Available ON THIS PAGE ONLY...
** Special Offer Expires: [#today:{medium}] **
What Is Commission Bootcamp?
Commission Bootcamp is an incredible video course that teaches complete newbies how to make money online.. and the craziest part? It's 100% FREE.

So if it's free, how will YOU make money by owning this custom business for  yourself?

Well, this is a brilliantly designed "integration funnel" that actually makes money through affiliate commissions from the tools we refer the members to as they setup their business.

There are FIVE affiliate commission streams built in, and we will break those down below..


Your [5] Commission Streams
As mentioned above, as the owner of "Commission Bootcamp" you will be able to plug in to all 5 commission streams listed below. You can add more streams if you want, this is just the exact setup that I personally use:
Stream #1: ClickFunnels Commissions
Unless you've been hiding under a rock.. you've heard of ClickFunnels. They are the most popular (and in my opinion the best) funnel-building software in the world. Not only are they easy to use, and used by some of the wealthiest people on the planet.. they also pay a handsome 40% for referrals - that's about $38 monthly residual referral commission per person you refer! As you can see below, one of our accounts has generated over $7,700 for simply telling people ClickFunnels is a tool they need to succeed in their business:
Stream #2: Aweber Commissions
Let's face it. People who are looking to build a real online business know the need an autoresponder to build a list of subscribers to send emails to. This is nothing new. The money is in the list.. is right now, and always has been. Since people are fully aware of this, referring them to one of the most credible and easiest autoresponders on the planet is like giving candy to a baby. As you can see below, we have accounts getting monthly residual commissions paid out to us with absolutely ZERO work or effort:
Stream #3: Udimi Commissions
Traffic is the biggest problem for most newbies. That's why referring people to Udimi is the most profitable of all all 5 income streams. As you can see below, I've referred over $68,000 in revenue for solo ad providers and Udimi, with Udimi paying me over $10,000 for my "work" - and by "work" I mean pasting my affiliate link in my members area just as you're about to do when you get resell rights on this page:
Stream #4: ClickMagick Commissions
ClickMagick is a split testing platform that is crucial to affiliate marketing success. They pay out 35% commissions to YOU for every referral you send to them. In the screenshot below, you'll see as of this month, we're currently getting $19.32 for EVERY SINGLE CLICK we send:
Stream #5: T.A.C.T.I.C.S. Commissions
I just released this offer on JVZoo, and have hardly promoted it at all. This is our 5th (and newest) commission stream, and pays out $48.50 per month commission on a $97 per month sale. As you can see in the stats below, that's $1,164.00 in revenue, which means $582.00 has been paid out to affiliates:
That's $28,995.79 in Only AFFILIATE COMMISSIONS!
That's right.. I made $28,995.79 with:
  • NO Products of my own
  • NO Work involved (except copying & pasting my 5 affiliate links)
  • NO Customer support
The only things I DID have to do were:
  • COPY my affiliate links and paste them one time
  • SEND traffic to my free product login page
  • COLLECT the Affiliate Commission payments each month
As a side note.. YES, I share my EXACT traffic sources with you.. so there's ZERO guesswork when I hand this business over to you.

Now that I've shown you UNDENIABLE PROOF this works.. let's look at what you're actually getting and what this would cost to have someone build it all out for you..
What You're Getting Today
High-Converting Landing Page
Value: $2,000.00
It's taken me over a decade and upwards of 6 figures to achieve optin rates as high as 92% through rigorous testing. But don't worry, you don't have to spend a decade or $100K on testing. You can just have my insanely high-converting landing page right from the gate!
Free Account Creation Page
Value: $500.00
I won't get into the techy mumbo jumbo, that's why you're paying us to set all this up for you. But the account creation page basically lets your new lead create a user name and password for them to securely login to their member portal. This level of security adds more value to the content as well, which can cause your leads to take action on the steps within the members area!
Custom Built Member Portal
Value: $5,000.00
This is where all the content is located. I personally created, recorded, and laid out all this content specifically in a way that gets the users to take action in each step (ie sign up to services that YOU'RE referring to them)! In addition, the content in this course is amazing, and actually helps the users get results if they follow the course. What does this do for YOU? Well, it's called "retention".. the longer someone has an account that you referred them to, the LONGER YOU GET PAID.. simple.
Automated Email Sequence
Value: $700.00
The automated email sequence plays a very large part in this process. After your leads login the first time, they probably won't complete the course all in one day. But don't worry, we've got you covered! I have personally hand-written an email sequence that will bring them back into the member portal each day, and keep them engaged in the process (which helps you make more money in the long term)!
Full Service Setup + Support From Alan's Team
Value: $2,500.00
The scariest part of building a business is the setup. The technical stuff always seems to trouble our members, so I've decided to do something I've never done before. I have assigned you to my personal assistant, Jonalyn, who is going to set this entire thing up for you. She'll hand it over to you fully ready to go live, and also send you my favorite traffic source and how to get traffic and leads flowing in a matter of minutes!
$28,995.79 Affiliate Commissions + $10,700 Buildout Costs = $39,695.79 TOTAL VALUE
At this point so far, I've literally broken down $39,695.79 of actual value. Almost $28,995.79 in affiliate commissions, & around $10,700 to have this product built for you.

I'm not here to SELL you on an idea or fluff. I'm here to SHOW you my actual results.

So if you can justify spending $297 on a business that would take almost $11K to setup with commission streams that have already paid me almost $29K, then please continue reading for your next steps..
What To DO Next..
Step 1: Click Button
Click the big yellow button anywhere on this page (or right below)
Step 2: Check Email
You'll receive an email just minutes after you complete checkout above. You will reply to that email with the basic information we ask you to provide. The email will be sent to our staff to begin the setup process. Once setup is complete, you will be notified.
Step 3: Collect Commissions
The email we send you will have my personal traffic sources. Simply drive traffic and collect unlimited residual commissions!
IMPORTANT: A Quick Decision DOES Matter..
You simply won't be able to gain full ownership of this DFY business forever.

In addition, we plan to raise the fee to at least  $5,000 PLUS a 25% of affiliate commissions generated after our beta tester phase.

As a matter of fact, we've already put a price increase in place.

So it behooves you to act fast and get in at the "beta tester" discount to save $1000's AND get 100% of the affiliate commissions you generate!

I can't stress enough how important it is to take action on this RIGHT NOW ON THIS PAGE.. because you'll almost certainly NEVER see this again - you simply can't afford to let this opportunity pass you by... 

As an entrepreneur, you simply need to be able to make quick and calculated decisions, and this is one of them.

Click the button on this page and let let us start building out your first funnel with 5 commission streams built in!

As I stated above, by now you should feel overly confident that you can simply make this work in your business, and it's a no-brainer to copy my "5-in-1" commission stream DFY business for just $297.00 today.

But just in case you're still on the fence in making your decision, I want to sweeten the pot to make this even more of a no-brainer than it already is :)
My Insane Guarantee To You
I’m so confident that this can help you FINALLY get a successful business up and running, that if this doesn't get you results within 30 days of your purchase.. we'll grant you a full refund.
Just simply let me or someone on my team know and I’ll refund 100% of your money.

I take the risk.

I foot the bill for my employees to do the work for you.

Your risk is literally ZERO.

So now you have no risk, no excuses and nothing to lose..
Either we give you everything I promise on this page, or you get your money back, period.

So what're you waiting for?

I've coached, consulted, mentored and worked with newbies to Shark Tank celebrities, and everyone in between, on building profitable funnels FAST & EASY..

Now it's YOUR TURN.

Make your move right now (not tomorrow, not tonight, not in an hour, RIGHT NOW).

I look forward to setting up a tested and proven business for you!

All the best,
Alan Magliocca
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